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by congreed

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12" Split, diy screenprinted cover, lyrics
recorded October 2017 at disvlaar studios, vilers-grelot
released november 2018


released November 26, 2018



Track Name: I'd rather go extinct as a free person than
I'd rather go extinct as a free person than under fascist

We are under attack
Make no mistake, evil is back
Fascist dystopia, denial and lies
Welcome to the decline

A brand new new world order
A brand new brave new world
To secure the last pieces of the poisoned cake
Resistance is futile, existence is futile
You're choice: follow or die

On a turning point in history
Systems collapsing offer opportunities
A chance for liberty, equality, humanity
Or a future of oppression, regression, death

Disintegration tactics
False flags and fake news
Denialism is the new blood for oil
So much time wasted on this shit
While we have urgent pressing issues
Like surviving our mess
How pathetic! The world is dying and we're busy
With ghosts from the past
Divided we'll fall, Divided we'll fail
Track Name: Cash / Corpse Flow
Cash/Corpse Flow

There will never be enough
Our greed unquenchable
Death for profit
Cash corpse flow
Fuck the rest
Just grab all you can
Accelerate perishability
And down we go

Your children will curse your names
Despise all your deeds and piss on your graves
Left to deal with the world in flames
Inherit hell

You reap what you sow
The reaper will show
Track Name: I, Disillusionist
I, Disillusionist

Bring me the head of the god of your choice
And buy caskets for a future oh, so bright
A plot 400.000 years in the making
Be witness and rejoice
Finally silence

Extinction calling and we are walking death
We are walking death, we are walking death
Tiny gods of insignificance
Arrogance and ash

Bring me the head of your masters
Then fuck it up again
Then fuck it up again
The most effective natural desaster
Manifested in man

I, disillusionist
The prophet of doom
Track Name: Dead horse jockey
Dead horse jockey

Acid reflux breakfast
King midas of shit
Another drink for lunch
Pain switches into anger
Pileing bills to pay
My kind of sports
I think i got some talent
and at least a reason to exist

Stay calm and duck and cover
Stay calm and duck and cover

Dead horse jockey
Soul sold to the routine
Dead horse jockey
Soul sold to the machine

Passing out before dinner
To save some cash
Dead horse jockey out
Track Name: Ulcer

Skeleton of life
Fragile, under constant threat
Under fire

Barely hidden fears in every pore
At any given time
Ready to explode

Scratching ulcers
A soul
Terminally ill

Seething below...

Malfunctioning being yearning from release
From the void that shackles the mind
Imprisoned in circling thoughts
Slow, slow death of 'I'

Trying to maintain a 'normal' level of human behaviour
And failing hard
Track Name: Hirni / Under a suicide sun

Altruistischer Narzißt
der du bist
Gedanken hin
Gedanken her
Gewirbel im Gebälk
Sortieren nicht möglich
obwohl außen alles ordentlich ist
Lebensfreude Schnee von gestern
manchmal kurzes Aufflackern
doch meistens so weit weg
wollte, hätte, könnte, sollte
bist halt wie du bist
mit Option zum Ändern
Option ist nicht optional
Machen wäre besser
aber zu schwer
wenn das blanke Chaos herrscht
die blanke Blindheit

Under a suicide sun

On her forehead
a sun
with her own blood
as if purposely drawn
carefully crafted

the weight of the world
got heavier suddenly
powers shifted
her spirit crushed

we got to carry on
under a suicide sun

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