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Recorded November 2014 at Iguana Studios, March/Buchheim.
Releasedate May 2015


released January 6, 2015



Track Name: The stench of my own innocence
The stench of my own innocence
I can feel the weight pushing me down
The air grows thicker closer to the ground
It’s getting harder and harder to breath
This stench is choking me 
I crawl
Between my shame, fear and regret
While life is passing me by
I wave my dignity goodbye
Golden spoon-fed ignorant
Bastards rush the world
By any means we’ll burn this bleeding earth
And I feel guilty no matter what I do
And it just makes me fucking puke
The stench of my own innocence
Track Name: Human 0.0
As cold as it can get
Run for your life straight into death
Now try again, try again
From hell to hell you carry your scars
The aches of your soul, aches of your soul
We call ourselves humane
But we aren`t nearly human
We call ourselves humans
But we`re just fucking inhumane
Track Name: Monkey


Spinning in the head

So many words

Left unsaid

When good friends leave

They leave it all behind

The little monkey in the head

Won’t move no more

When death takes someone away

The biggest part he leaves for you

What you’ve been through together

Will continue to enrich your life
Track Name: Mayhem chemistry
If you were asked
Would you live this life
We spend our time as lazy as possible
‘til death demands our attention
Too little, too late
Too little, too late
So we’re all caught in webs
Psycho-social structures
Mad chemists in our heads
Escapism, Simulations, Ignorance
The last line of defense
For evolution’s failed attempts
We ‘re taken by surprise
While being bored and waiting
The wrath of the gods can’t be any worse
Then what we do to ourselves
No one is safe, no one is sane, no one gives a fuck
So much make-up on our souls
But no sign of making up
For nothing
Track Name: My happy face
I feel broken now
Broken and torn, crumbled
Give my life back to me
Give my life back to me
This smile is faked my happy face
There was a time you’d see the difference
Give my life back to me
Give my life back to me
Shit got serious and I crashed in style
You were lucky and now wear
A beautiful smile
Track Name: Full speed to nowhere
When the earth gapes
Sucking deep inside...deep inside
Spitting out disgusted
And crushing effortlessly...effortlessly
Like a folded piece
Wretched piece of mud
Be scared of my dark side
Deep black soul
How miserable the feeling
How helpless the rage
Of my thoughts
Track Name: Submit or suffer
Do not ask
For you will not like the answers
Don’t question
For you can’t bear the consequences
Do not doubt
Or it all comes crashing down
And you can’t do without
That tempting shiny hook in your mouth
Submit or suffer
On the menue today
Shit served on a golden plate
Submit or suffer
Swallow or you’re out
That’s what life is all about
Is that what life is all about?
Track Name: Beyond what is you
The preditorial instincts
Still vivid inside of us
Quick rush of adrenaline
All civilized manners gone
A savage rage, the beast in flames
These fist are out for blood
The rush of unchained violence
A body hits the ground
The mortality of morals
Education and self control
Broken images
Broken bones
From reason to plain scorn
The murderer is in your guts, way down below
Now it’s total fucking war
This is the point of no return, now let go
Unbroken the savage remains, mind set out for hate
The beast has come to stay and it will never go away
Beyond what is you
Lies a rechless force
And it paints the pavement
With your broken dreams
Track Name: Darben
Hoffnungslos, für immer verschüttet
Unter Tonnen von Hirngespinsten,
Verschluckt, verdaut, ausgespieh’n
Als schleimiger Fleck
Im Angesicht der Erde,
Die sich einfach weiterdreht
Als ob nix gewesen wäre
Als seist du nicht existent
Lebendig begraben
Vom Gewicht des nicht endenden Mahlstroms
Antriebslos, nicht von selbst
Mitgerissen, mitgeschleift
Hilflos, Hilflos
Wo ist er hin, der Mensch von einst? Wo bist du? Was hat dich gestohlen?
Bist du noch da? Oder unwiederbringlich verloren?
Verdorben, getilgt?
Inneres Inferno verbrennt
Die letzten Reste des gesunden Selbst
Was bleibt?
Track Name: Human wreckage
Bright sun drowns into a black hole
All problems ceased by the antipole
Participate in war, don’t look behind
Come, witness extinction of mankind
Living things stop all activity
Humanity causes earth’s nausea
The antichrist got to be real
Devestating flood takes souls to black
Precious existence vanished and gone
Destiny is showing her cold fucking shoulder
Common sense ends up as a rusty wreck
Prepare to pay the fee
The antichrist got to be me
Track Name: Happiness is death
In case of emergency break glass and cut your wrist
Behind brick-wall windows the subtle sound of a breaking life
I`m ready to jump, there`s no need to push me
Honey-combed near-life placebos, the pure fabric of despair
Is this all that you got???
Is this the best you have to offer?
Is that all that you got???
Is this the best that you have to offer???
Track Name: Thanks for asking
Everything is fine
All virtues of value
Under constant fire
Set the world ablaze
Global funeral pyre
Equal in death
Together we'll fry
But thanks for asking
Everything is fine
Everything is fine
Everything is fine
Everything is lies
Track Name: Season for the rats
Run rabbit. Run! Run faster
Winter follows spring
And they’re talking about the weather
There’s more puke in the streets than ever
Seems its gonna be a season for the rats
For the rats
This time you’ll see
Pardon me, you won’t
It will get worse before it gets worse
But since you don’t run fast enough
You won’t have to suffer that
A season for the rats
They will kill you

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